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Oxfam Fair Trade Office SnacksOxfam Fair Trade Office Snacks

Oxfam Fair Trade Office Snacks

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Natalie J., USA
"What a wonderful service! I gave you an old address, as I did not know the people had moved, and you got it to the new address. Thank you for your unbelievably professional service. "

Oxfam Fair Trade Office Snacks

From the basket to the chocolates and everything in between, these products are carefully sourced and produced by Oxfam Fair Trade's network of partners. We couldn't be more pleased with this year's line-up. See compostion info for more details.

Oxfam Fair Trade Office Snacks
Product name :
Oxfam Fair Trade Office Snacks
Product code :
Composition :
  • 1Oxfam - Tablet Organic Dark Chocolat, 85 g
  • 1Oxfam - Tablet Organic Milk Chocolate, 85 g
  • 1Oxfam - Chocolate covered Nuts, 150 g
  • 1Oxfam - Organic Choco Rice Cakes, 60 g
  • 1Oxfam - Organic Biscuits, 250 g
  • 1Oxfam - Coffee Flavoured Candies, 100 g
  • 1Oxfam - Organic Chocolate-Crispy Bar, 33 g
  • 1Oxfam - Organic Nougat Bar, 30 g
  • 1Oxfam - Organic Sesame Bar, 20 g
  • 1Oxfam - Wicker Basket Round Standard
Description :
Oxfam Fairtrade buys products from organised small anad medium-sized producers from around the world, paying a fair price. This fair price is often higher than the current market price and ensures a decent income for the producers. By collaborating with Oxfam the producer can invest in better agricultural techniques, product development, training and education, health care, housing and infrastructure.
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Earliest Possible Arrival Date:Friday 26 September

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Earliest Possible Arrival Date:Tuesday 23 September

Delivery Method : "Express Delivery" : Price : $ 51.00
Earliest Possible Arrival Date:Monday 22 September