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Sweet Office Snack PackSweet Office Snack Pack

Sweet Office Snack Pack

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Mia D., Canada
"So good to know that I can organize this from the other side of the world, and so easily. I really appreciate your replies, thank you again. I will definitely recommend you to everyone, extremely happy with the service."

Sweet Office Snack Pack

The ideal office gift or a unique stocking stuffer. Packed with delicious Belgian chocolates, French caramels and Oxfam fair trade candies, the Koizol Taschelini will live on with many uses after the holidays. Perfect for storing indispensable items in style: pens, binder clips, jewelery and more. Or hook the handles over a charger, insert your mobile, and charge in style. We have clients who even use it to display a small bouquet. This gift will be sure to please all tastes!
Koziol Taschelini: H 18 cm

Please note pricing is for 6 units. If you would like more than 6 but in multiples other than 6, please contact us!

Sweet Office Snack Pack
Product name :
Sweet Office Snack Pack
Product code :
Composition :
  • 6Koziol 'Taschelini', White
  • 6Godiva Pearls Dark Chocolate 43 g
  • 1Werther's Original Chocolate Toffees 125g
  • 6Oxfam - Coffee Flavoured Candies, 100 g
  • 6Neuhaus Bar: Milk Chocolate, 45g
  • 6Neuhaus Bar White Chocolate Crunchy, 45g
Description :
Koizol Taschelini: Created by Italian designer Maria-Christina Hamel & Italian architect & designer Alessandro Mendini. Stylish, practical & durable.
Koziol Taschelini: H 18 cm
Composition Info
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Delivery Method : "Ground Delivery" : Price : $ 9.95
Earliest Possible Arrival Date:Friday 31 October

Delivery Method : "Standard Delivery" : Price : $ 18.75
Earliest Possible Arrival Date:Wednesday 29 October

Delivery Method : "Express Delivery" : Price : $ 33.00
Earliest Possible Arrival Date:Tuesday 28 October