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<mark>Menu</mark> Toothpick Dispenser<mark>Menu</mark> Toothpick Dispenser

Menu Toothpick Dispenser

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Natalie J., USA
"What a wonderful service! I gave you an old address, as I did not know the people had moved, and you got it to the new address. Thank you for your unbelievably professional service. "

Menu Toothpick Dispenser

Boogie Woogie, designed by Murken-Hansen, is one-of-a-kind and has generated plenty of attention and smiles. Who has ever seen a toothpick dispenser rolling across the dining table on large wheels? Boogie Woogie toothpick dispenser issues toothpicks every time it is tilted downwards. Try it for yourself!

<mark>Menu</mark> Toothpick Dispenser
Product name :
Menu Toothpick Dispenser
Product code :
Composition :
  • 1MENU Boogie Woogie Toothpick Dispenser
Description :
Design: Murken-Hansen (DE)
Materials: plastic, aluminium
Dimensions: H 11 cm
Composition Info
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