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Cinq Mondes Silky Smooth Skin

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Cinq Mondes brings the best spa and wellness traditions from around the globe right to your home. Indulge her with a luxurious collection of the finest bath products to leave her skin radiant and silky smooth.

The spa ritual begins with Cinq Mondes Phyto-aromatic shower and bath oil. Delicately perfumed moisturizing oils with eucalyptus and cinnamon tree leaf essential oils purify the skin for a healthy, soft glow.

The Aromatic scrub is inspired by an ancient ritual from the island of Java. Sea salt and almond powder exfoliate the skin. The skin is softened with vanilla oil and Carnauba wax, and invigorated with cinnamon and nutmeg essential oils. Perfect for unwinding and feeling revitalized at the end of the day.

The gift set also includes the coveted Cinq Mondes Kassa Glove, inspired by the Hammam. Gentle enough for sensitive skin, the finely textured fabric glove is designed to use for a traditional scrubbing ritual in a hot shower at home to recreate the purifying and softening experience of the Hammam scrub.

This is a wonderful gift idea for all the special women in your life.
  • 1Cinq Mondes Phyto-aromatic shower and bath oil
  • 1Cinq Mondes Aromatic Scrub with Spices
  • 1Cinq Mondes Kassa Glove
  • 1Cinq Mondes Free Makeup Bag
What's inside?

Cinq Mondes Phyto-aromatic shower and bath oil

Phyto-aromatic shower and bath oil, Java’s Ritual, Indonesia
A therapeutic shower oil for healthy and delicately perfumed skin!
The Aromatic Shower and Bath Oil (Java's Ritual, Indonesia)combines the moisturising* power of vegetable oils with the purifying properties of Eucalyptus and Cinnamon tree leaf essential oils. On contact with the skin, this oil turns into a milky emulsion and then a creamy lather. Skin is cleansed, moisturised* and lightly perfumed. (*moisturisation of the upper layers of the epidermis.)

Cinq Mondes Aromatic Scrub with Spices

Aromatic scrub with spices, Java’s Ritual, Indonesia
A sense stimulating scrub for purified and hydrated skin, just like new!
Adapted from an ancient ritual from the island of Java, Aromatic scrub with spices is an exceptional scrub enriched with the toning effects of spices. Its blend of Sea Salt and Almond powder has an exfoliating action which purifies the skin, whilst Vanilla oil and Carnauba wax soften the skin. Thanks to the essential oils of Cinnamon and Nutmeg, this unique product helps you to deeply unwind and reenergise. Skin regains its radiance. Perfect for preparing skin for tanning. 

Cinq Mondes Kassa Glove

Kassa Glove, Atlas Ritual, Morocco
Soft and purified skin as if you've just emerged from the Hammam!
The CINQ MONDES Kassa Glove is made with a very fine textured fabric formed from plant-derived cellulose. The Kassa Glove scrub is traditionally performed in the warm room of the Hammam, but can just as easily be performed at home in a hot shower.
With this glove skin is deeply purified, and regains its softness and radiance, whilst being gentle to sensitive skin.

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