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Cinq Mondes Your Own Home Spa

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A luxurious gift set to create her own home spa. With the Cinq Mondes beauty products, she will never have to worry to find the perfect esthetician again and will enjoy a feeling of well-being and everlasting peachy soft skin.

The Sumptuous Dry Body Oil is a nourishing blend of argan, sesame, and olive oil with a delicate scent of cinnamon, eucalyptus, and cedar. Massage the oil in after bathing or using a sauna for gloriously soft skin.

Cinq Mondes has developed a unique Collection presented in an elegant gift box containing two Fresh Aromatic Spays in a handy, travel-size format (4x25 mL). Each fresh spray is based on an original aromatic composition that has been orchestrated by a renowned perfume designer to take you on a remarkable sensorial journey. Spray a fine mist over body, hair and pillow every day: Cinq Mondes’ Fresh Aromatic Sprays set the stage for wellbeing and comfort.
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What's inside?

Cinq Mondes Sumptuous Dry Body Oil

Sumptuous dry body oil, Atlas Ritual, Morocco
Achieve satin-soft skin enveloped in nourishing argan oil!
After the purifying experience of the Hammam, oriental women massage themselves with solutions made from argan oil. Huile Somptueuse® de l'Orient, a subtly balanced blend of Argan, Sesame, and Olive oil, deeply nourishes the skin and leaves behind a delicate scent due to its fragrance which combines Cinnamon, Eucalyptus and Cedar. 

Cinq Mondes Fresh Aromatic Sprays Collection

Eau Egyptienne : This Fresh Aromatic Spray is a contemporary adaptation of the famous Kyphi therapeutic potion with 11 essential oils created for the first Pharaoh-Queen Hatshepsut. According to Plutarch, this potion had the power “to soothe tension and make dreams brighter”. Created by perfume designer Olivia Giacobetti, the legendary Eau Egyptienne has a uniquely bewitching fragrance that is Cinq Monde’s olfactory signature.

Eau de Bangalore : The Taj Mahal was built as a symbol of the Emperor Shah Jahan’s eternal love for his wife, Mumtaz Mahal. Her name literally means “jewel of the palace”. She was one of the most beautiful women in the Empire and poets would sing praises to her beauty. Inspired by these wonders of India, famous French perfumer, Jean-Pierre Bethouart created this relaxing Fresh Aromatic Spray with a warm blend of Cardamom and Vanilla, a fragrance that takes you on a remarkable sensorial journey.

Eau du Siam® : In the pantheon of Sanātana Dharma (Hinduism), Apsaras, "nymphs walking on water" are celestial beings symbolizing pleasure of the senses and mind. Jean-Pierre Bethouart drew inspiration from this voyage to the heart of the Kingdom of Siam and its sacred essences to create this sparklingly fresh blend of Bergamot and Guaiac Wood: a highly captivating and comforting fragrance.

Eau du Brésil : Banho is the ancient art of bathing. Brazilians would bathe under waterfalls in the heart of the Amazon forest to commune with the refreshing and purifying power of water. Immerse yourself in these time-honored Brazilian bathing traditions with Eau du Brésil, created by Olivia Giacobetti as “a harmonious match of fresh lime pulp and white wood softened with coconut water.”

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