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Flowery Koziol

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Elegant, delicious, lasting. When you want to send a gift to be enjoyed in the moment and remembered long from now. The five gourmet macarons will melt on the tongue. The sweet mini orchid will grace a desk, table, dresser, anywhere that needs a bright touch. And the white Koziol Taschelini (18 cm tall) is a stylish container perfect for holding future treasures.
  • 1Koziol 'Taschelini', White - H 18 cm
  • 1Miniature Orchid Plant (Phalaenopsis)
  • 5Macarons
What's inside?

Koizol Taschelini: Created by Italian designer Maria-Christina Hamel & Italian architect & designer Alessandro Mendini. Stylish, practical & durable.
Koziol Taschelini: H 18 cm

Koziol 'Taschelini', White - H 18 cm

The versatile Kozoil "Taschelini" bag is the perfect carrying case for Oxfam Fair Trade treats. German designer Kozoil is dedicated to using sustainable practices and 100% recyclable thermoplastics in their stylish modern products. H: 18 cm

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