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Hugs & Kisses

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Surprise someone special with this vibrant expression of your affection! The Hugs & Kisses gift features a dramatic red Anthurium plant displayed in a modern Koziol watering can. The heart shaped leaves of the tropical Anthurium are enhanced with whimsical heart accents. Also called the "flame plant", an Anthurium is a wonderful gift anytime you want to brighten someone's day.
  • 1Anthurium Mini Red
  • 1Koziol Watering-can Camilla Red
What's inside?

Koziol Watering-can Camilla Red

This is the perfect watering can for both indoor and outdoor use. The two large handles make it easy to carry, and give an added pleasure to the daily task of watering your plants. Its shape will finally eradicate the strain of filling up, since there is no handle blocking the mouth. The Koziol watering can is applicable as a vase or planter.

Full volume: 2l
Material: Plastic (LDPED)
Dimensions: 130x320x336mm

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SKU : CADO001185

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