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Cinq Mondes Luxe Indulgence Gift Set

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Want to relax from the daily stress? Or get ready for the festivities? Enjoy a warm bath with the organic beauty products from Cinq Mondes. Inside the signature gift bag, discover a collection of three aromatic soaps and a bottle of phyto-aromatic shower and bath oil.
  • 1The Aromatic Shower and Bath Oil (Bengalore's Ritual, India)
  • 1Cinq Mondes : Collectie Aromatische Zepen
  • 1Cinq Mondes Rood zakje
What's inside?

The Aromatic Shower and Bath Oil (Bengalore's Ritual, India)

The Aromatic Shower and Bath Oil (Bengalore's Ritual, India)
combines the moisturising* power of vegetable oils with
the soothing properties of Cardamom essential oil and Vanilla absolute. On contact with the skin, this oil turns into a
milky emulsion and a creamy foam.

The skin is cleaned, moisturised* and lightly perfumed. (*moisturisation of the upper layers of the epidermis.)

Cinq Mondes : Collectie Aromatische Zepen

Collection box with 3 Aromatic Soaps inspired by the emblematic fragrances of our Fresh Aromatic Sprays created by renowned perfume designers.

Each soap contains a unique essence for a captivating voyage to the most wonderful
Beauty Rituals of the World®.

Their natural formulas are palm oil free and contain 100% botanical ingredients enriched with olive and coconut oils that cleanse and nourish skin while offering absolute respect for the most sensitive epidermis.

They shroud the skin with a delicate fragrance and nourishing, silky finish.

- Aromatic Soap from Siam: Sacred essences from the Kingdom of Siam prompted famous perfume designer, Jean-Pierre Bethouart, to create Eau du Siam.
Our Aromatic Soap from Siam unveils this comforting fragrance blending
Bergamot and Guaiac Wood.

- Aromatic Soap from Bangalore, India: Enchanting fragrances from the Taj Mahal gardens gave rise to Eau de Bangalore designed by Jean-Pierre Bethouart.
Our Aromatic Soap from Bangalore reveals this warm blend of Vanilla and
Cardamom that shrouds the skin like a subtle, relaxing breeze.

- Aromatic Soap from Luxor, Egypt: Created by Olivia Giacobetti, Eau Egyptienne, Cing Mondes’ signature fragrance, is a contemporary adaptation of Kyphi, the first perfume composition from Ancient Egypt. Our Aromatic Soap from Luxor imparts this uniquely bewitching fragrance composed of precious essential oils (papyrus, Egyptian cumin, cinnamon leaves...).

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