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Neuhaus Chocolate Indulgence Gift Basket

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This luxurious gift box full of Neuhaus chocolate is the perfect gift for the self-proclaimed chocolate connoisseur. With its elegant look, this chocolate indulgence box with chocolates, chocolate bars, mini Mendiants, Manons, coffee, and biscuits is a fantastic gift for all your business associates and customers, but also for your friends and family.

The Dark Collection offers a delicious tasting assortment of dark chocolate pralines with fillings of praliné, ganache, caramel and much more. This gift box is pure luxury of the highest level!

The Colombia roast coffee offers a fantastic aroma; a coffee that you take time to enjoy. Together with the mini Mndiants, Manons, chocolate bars, and the Amandagio biscuits, this is the ideal treat to relax and revive in the afternoon.
  • 1Neuhaus Collection Dark, 25 pcs
  • 1Neuhaus Belgian Chocolate Moments Classic Truffles, 150 g
  • 1Neuhaus Manon mix, 5 pcs
  • 1Grootmoeders Koffie Nestor Gemalen, 250 g
  • 1Neuhaus Biscuits Plaisirs Amandola, 150 g
  • 1Neuhaus Bar Milk, 55 g
  • 1Neuhaus Bar Milk Coconut, 50 g
  • 1Neuhaus Bar Dark Chocolate, 55 g
  • 1Neuhaus Magnet Hamper Bronze Medium
What's inside?

Neuhaus Collection Dark, 25 pcs

Ingredients: Cocoa mass, sugar, roasted hazelnuts, cream (contains milk), glucose syrup, butter (contains milk), butter oil (contains milk), roasted almonds (tree nuts), cocoa butter, stabilizer: glycerol of rapeseed, caramel, skimmed cocoa powder, whole milk powder, candy syrup, palm oil, palm kernel oil, emulsifier: soya lecithin, sunflower oil, stabilizer: sorbitol of wheat, flavours, raspberry puree, freeze-dried raspberry pieces, coffee, fructose glucose syrup, dextrose, rapeseed oil, apple purée, salt, vanilla, honey, potato starch, elderberry, acitidy regulator: malic acid, egg white, corn oil, acid (citric acid), water, emulsifier: sunflower lecithin, colour: curcumin, cochineal, titanium dioxide
Allergy Advice: MMay contain traces of gluten, sesame, groundnuts and other nuts
Nutrition Declaration per 100g: Energy 2144 kJ / 512 kcal – total fat 33,6 g – saturates 19,2 g – carbohydrate 42,9 g – sugars 38,3 g – protein 6,2 g – salt 0,06 g

Neuhaus Belgian Chocolate Moments Classic Truffles, 150 g

Ingredients: Sugar, cocoa mass, skimmed cocoa powder, butter (contains milk), palm oil, stabilizer: glycerol of rapeseed, dextrose, butter oil (contains milk), coconut oil, glucose syrup, cocoa butter, palm kernel oil, sunflower oil, emulsifier: soy lecithin, flavours, acid (citric acid), water

Allergy Advice:Contains or may contain traces of milk, soy, nuts, wheat and alcohol

Nutrition Declaration per 100 g: Energy 2147 kJ / 514 kcal – total fat 34,4 g – saturates 21 g – carbohydrate 42,2 g – sugars 34,9 g – protein 5,5 g – salt 0,02 g

Neuhaus Manon mix, 5 pcs

Ingredients: Sugar, cocoa mass, butter, vegetable fat, glucose syrup, invert sugar, vanilla, stabiliser: sorbitol, butter oil, candied orange peel (orange peel, sugar, fructose glucose syrup, citric acid), cocoa butter, emulsifier: soya lecithin, whole milk powder, skimmed cocoa powder, flavours, hazelnuts, stabilizer: glycerol (vegetabel origin), wheat-flour, skimmed milk powder, caramel (caramelised sugar), barley flour (wheat), raising agent: E500ii, spices, salt, pecannuts.
Allergy Advice: May contain traces of eggs, gluten, sesame, groundnuts and nuts.

Grootmoeders Koffie Nestor Gemalen, 250 g

100% Arabica + maragogype. Coffee with strong character, superior filter melange made according to the authentic recipe of Nestor Hanssens, full-bodied with strong aroma, with a kick.

Ingredients: 100% coffee

nutritional value: does not apply to coffee

Allergens: not applicable to coffee

Neuhaus Biscuits Plaisirs Amandola, 150 g

Ingredients: Biscuits Amandola: chocolate (sugar, cocoa mass, cocoa butter, butter oil (contains milk), emulsifier: soya lecithin, natural flavouring), wheat flour, sugar, butter (contains milk), almonds, raising agent (sodium bicarbonate), salt, colour (beta-carotene).
Allergy Advice: May contain traces of eggs and groundnuts.
Nutrition Declaration per 100 g: Energy 2160 kJ / 517 kcal – total fat 28,7 g – saturates 17,2 g – carbohydrate 57,2 g – sugars 43,3 g – protein 4,9 g – salt 0,33 g

Neuhaus Bar Milk, 55 g

milk chocolate (sugar, whole milkpowder, cocoa mass, cocoa butter, emulsifier: soylecithins, flavouring).
Nutritional values - 100g Energy value: 2267.00 kJ, Energy value: 542.00 kcal, Fats: 33.70 g, of which saturated fatty acids: 20.30 g, of which mono-unsaturated: 10.70 g, of which poly-unsaturated: 1.10 g, of which trans-fats: 0.50 g , cholesterol: 24.70 mg, carbohydrates: 48.00 g, dietary fiber: 4.00 g, of which sugars: 46.40 g, proteins: 9.00 g, sodium: 93.60 mg, vitamin A: 12.52 µG, calcium: 239.10 mg, vitamin C: 0.48 mg, iron : 6.49 mg, salt: 0.23 g, vitamin D: 1.19 µG, potassium: 565.50 mg, of which added sugars: 37.50 g

Neuhaus Bar Milk Coconut, 50 g

milk chocolate (sugar, wholemilkpowder, cocoa mass, cocoa butter, emulsifier: soylecithins, flavouring), almonds, cocoa butter, shea butter, coconut fat, coconut , emulsifier: soya lecithins;sunflower oil, sugar, flavourings, salt (Guérande).
Nutritional values - 100g Energy value: 2439.75 kJ, Energy value: 585.73 kcal, Fats: 43.06 g, of which saturated fatty acids: 23.25 g, of which mono-unsaturated: 15.21 g, of which poly-unsaturated: 2.56 g, of which trans-fats: 0.44 g , cholesterol: 19.12 mg, carbohydrates: 39.82 g, dietary fiber: 4.84 g, of which sugars: 36.79 g, proteins: 9.03 g, sodium: 73.55 mg, vitamin A: 11.36 µG, calcium: 212.39 mg, vitamin C: 0.37 mg, iron : 5.63 mg, salt: 0.18 g, vitamin D: 1.11 µG, potassium: 537.51 mg, of which added sugars: 29.37 g

Neuhaus Bar Dark Chocolate, 55 g

dark chocolate (cocoa mass, sugar, butter oil (milk), cocoa butter, emulsifier: soya lecithins, flavouring).
Nutritional values - 100g Energy value: 2222.00 kJ, Energy value: 531.00 kcal, Fats: 34.00 g, of which saturated fatty acids: 20.40 g, of which mono-unsaturated: 10.90 g, of which poly-unsaturated: 1.10 g, of which trans-fats: 0.20 g , cholesterol: 11.10 mg, carbohydrates: 44.20 g, dietary fiber: 10.00 g, of which sugars: 41.20 g, proteins: 6.30 g, sodium: 5.40 mg, vitamin A: 37.94 µG, calcium: 35.20 mg, iron: 15.00 mg, salt: 0.01 g, vitamin D: 1.38 µG, potassium: 560.90 mg, of which added sugars: 41.00 g

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SKU : GFE2000607


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