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Golden Heritage Luxury Olive Oil

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The cream of the crop of olive oil. This gift box elegantly demonstrates how special and luxurious olive oil can be.

Taste the different variations on olive oil and convince yourself of the versatility of the olive.

- Golden Pearls: Give your dishes the perfect finishing touch with these Golden Peals from Picual olive oil. The pearls burst open on the tongue which gives a delicious taste sensation.
- Manzanilla Olives: The manzanilla olive is known for its softness and mildness. Delicious to eat or with fish or cheese.
- Arbequina Pasta: This olive paste is delicious to prepare appetizers or salads. The Arbequina olive has a pungent, fruity taste with a slightly bitter aftertaste.
- Golden Delicious Picual: This innovative and surprisingly sweet olive oil combines the flavor of olive oil with a soft, fruity flavor. Very nice with a piece of cheese, pâté, ice cream, nuts, salads, etc.
- Empeltre olive oil: A mild olive oil with a soft sweet touch and almond-like flavor.
- Arbequina olive oil: A pungent olive oil with a slightly fruity taste and a slightly bitter touch.
  • 1Golden Heritage : Golden Pearls 50 g
  • 1Golden Heritage : Golden Delicious Picual
  • 1Golden Heritage : Arbequina Pasta, 110 g
  • 1Golden Heritage : Manzanilla Olives 250g
  • 2Golden Heritage : Arbequina 20 ml
  • 1Golden Heritage Package : Giftbox Large

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