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Garnachas De España Gift Box

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The collection of wines "Proyecto Garnacha De España" is a tribute to a variety that has historically been forgotten due its complicated viticulture and its difficult production, and that has been rescued from obscurity thanks, in large part, to current consumer preferences. Let us introduce them for you...

La Garnacha Olvidada de Aragón is a wine produced with grapes from old Garnacha vineyards, which is imparted in its pleasant, mature tannins. It exhibits the excellent results that a variety such as Garnacha can offer, especially when it comes from old vines.

A wine that is surprising due to its roundness and youth. After 5 months of aging in new French oak barrels, this Garnacha Salvaje del Moncayo wine expresses all the qualities of the Garnacha in this area of the Ebro Valley. A fruity, fresh and sweet tannin wine capable of satisfying the enthusiasts of this variety.

The Garnache Perdida del Pirineo is a wine produced with grapes from very low yield vineyards located at 800 meters above sea level and grown virtually without any intervention or treatment. The result is a balanced, fresh wine with pleasant tannins, the maximum expression of the most Atlantic Garnacha from Aragón.
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What's inside?

Garnachas De Espana Gift Box

La Garnacha Olvidada de Aragón

Variety: 100% Garnacha

Aging: 10 months in French oak barrels

Harvest: This manual harvest took place during the second week of October after a hot summer and a very favourable autumn for maturation.

Vineyard: Gobelet-trained vineyard planted in 1940, located on a slope facing the east and on a ferrous-clay terrain with cobbles in Valle del Ribota.

Alcohol Content: 14,5% Vol

Tasting Chart:

Ripe cherry red
Aromas of high roast, cocoa and fruits of the forest.
The low yield old vineyards are present in its pleasant and mature tannins, resulting in a full mouth and tasty wine.

La Garnacha Salvaje del Moncayo

Variety: 100% Garnacha

Aging: 5 months in French oak barrels.

Harvest: Harvested manually during the third week of October. This harvest took place following a hot summer and a favourable autumn for maturation.

Wineyard: Vineyards located in a watershed area, on the north face of the Moncayo. Soils are rocky with a high percentage of slate and pebbles.
Alcohol Rate: 13,5% Vol

Tasting Chart:

It is a bright burgundy wine with medium-depth.
Tobacco and wild berry aromas.
It´s freshness and mineral qualities mix resulting in a surprising wine that due to its roundness and youth

La Garnatxa Fosca del Priorat

Variety: 100% Garnacha

Aging: 10 months in French oak barrels.

Harvest: Harvested manually during the last days of September and the first days of October.

Wineyard: Old vineyards, over 60 years old. Located between 300 and 400 metres above sea level on the sloped hillsides and slate soiled terraces of the mountains of Molar (Tarragona).
Alcohol Rate: 14% Vol

Tasting Chart:

Burgundy with notes of youth and aging.
Interesting bouquet where the mineral qualities provided by the dark slate soils perfectly combine with the typical red fruit nuances of the Garnacha.
Rich and tasty wine with a well balanced elegance and finesse, complexity and length.

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SKU : GFE2000742


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