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How much is shipping?

There's more than one reason to give a gift, so we think there should be more than one way to send a gift. To meet the needs of all our customers we offer several shipping methods and rates. No matter what method you select, be assured that we exclusively use shipping companies that offer full tracking and tracing and are specialized in eCommerce deliveries to both businesses and homes.

Our shipping methods present a variety of price and speed options.

Ground shipping is one of our most frequently used methods. In most cases, gifts are delivered within 2-5 days of departure from our warehouse. Our shippers are prompt and professional, but this method is not recommended for time sensitive deliveries as the actual date of delivery cannot be guaranteed.

Our standard and express services ensure delivery on (express) or a possibly a day before (standard) your desired delivery date. We are pleased to offer these services for time-sensitive and important gifts, providing a faster and specific delivery method. Pricing is accordingly higher than our economic ground shipping rates.

Express, typically overnight service, is offered to most places in Europe. Some smaller towns and cities require more than one day to reach. If you are concerned that your destination may take more than one day from Belgium, please contact our customer service team for a specific quote.

Below is a list of our ground delivery prices. For standard or express shipping prices, please first select your gift and the pricing will be quoted to on the gift detail page before adding the gift to the shopping cart.

Delivery Area Estimated
Transit Days
Shipping Price
Austria (AUST) 3 $ 12.50
Belgium (BELG) 2 $ 9.95
Bulgaria (BULG) 4 $ 25.00
Cyprus (CYPR) 4 $ 25.00
Czech Republic (CZEC) 3 $ 25.00
Denmark (DENM) 2 $ 15.00
Denmark (DENM) 2 $ 15.00
Estonia (ESTO) 4 $ 25.00
Finland (FINL) 3 $ 15.00
France (FRA2) 2 $ 9.95
Germany (GERM) 2 $ 9.95
Greece (GREE) 4 $ 25.00
Hungary (HUNG) 4 $ 25.00
Iceland (ICLA) 4 $ 30.00
Ireland (IREL) 3 $ 25.00
Italy (ITAL) 3 $ 15.00
Latvia (LATV) 4 $ 25.00
Lithuania (LITH) 4 $ 25.00
Luxembourg (LUXE) 2 $ 9.95
Malta (MALT) 4 $ 30.00
Monaco (MONA) 3 $ 20.00
Netherlands (NETH) 2 $ 9.95
Norway (NORW) 4 $ 30.00
Poland (POLA) 3 $ 25.00
Portugal (PORT) 3 $ 20.00
Romania (ROMA) 4 $ 30.00
Spain (SPAI) 3 $ 15.00
Sweden (SWED) 3 $ 15.00
Switzerland (SWIT) 3 $ 20.00
United Kingdom (UNKI) 2 $ 9.95
How long will my order take to arrive?

The earliest possible delivery date is displayed on every gift page. Delivery time depends on the country of destination and the selected shipping method. Please note that some remote locations in Europe require two or more delivery days even in Standard.

What is the difference between your shipping methods?
  Fruits and Flowers must be sent with either Standard or Express shipping to ensure freshness
  Ground Standard Express Standard Express
Handled by a
professional shipping
Online tracking V V V V V
Multiple delivery
Special attention by
our customer care
Delivery on Or
before the requested
delivery date
Typically V On Requested
V On Requested
Delivery on the
requested delivery
Possible Possible V Possible V
Where do you ship the orders from?

All gifts shipping to Europe are made by our staff and depart from our warehouse in Ardooie, Belgium. The city of Ardooie is strategically located next to the French border and less than 100 miles from the UK, the Netherlands and Germany.

What companies do you use to ship the gifts?

We use professional local and global shipping companies such as UPS, TNT, DPD, and ChronoPost. The volume of gifts we ship throughout Europe on a daily basis allows us to offer premium shipping services at a very low cost for the European market.

Will the recipient have to pay any taxes, customs or duties?

Recipients within the European Union, Switzerland , Norway and the US will never have to pay taxes or duties.

For shipments outside the European Union we attempt to prepay any customs; however, it is possible but highly unlikely that local customs officials will require extra customs fees. We will attempt to assist if this unfortunate situation arises. Customs inspections can cause a delay of 24-72 hours. Please check our Terms of Use and Sale for more information.

Why is shipping to one country more expensive than another?

As a company we strive to find the right balance between service quality and cost efficiency. As we work with different shippers and deliver in different regions, shipping costs may vary. For instance, deliveries to a large country like Germany cost less than deliveries to islands like Cyprus or Malta.

My order wasn't delivered on time and I would like a refund.

GiftsForEurope accepts responsibility for the timely delivery of your order in accordance with the selected shipping method. Please check our Terms of Use and Sale to see how we can reimburse expenses in the exceptional case of late delivery.

A refund may not be possible in some situations such as when the customer provides an incorrect or outdated address, the gift recipient is on vacation or not available, severe weather conditions occur (snow, ice, floods etc), the gift was delivered, but not promptly passed on to the recipient (hospitals, hotels, businesses), or when the delivery failed due to strikes or manifestations.