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Multiple order entry

How to order for 10 delivery addresses or more

For orders with 10 or more delivery addresses, we invite you to use our multiple order entry form instead of placing your order online.

How to order online for 9 delivery addresses or fewer

Before beginning to place your order, organize your recipients to simplify your order entry.

  • Group recipients from same country, if any
  • Group recipients at same address, if any

Since ordering on our store is done by country, grouping recipients by country is more important than grouping them by gift. Once you select all the gifts for one country and one address, you can move on to the next country and address. You will enter in all of the shipping information at the end of the process (after the shopping cart).

After you have selected your first gift and added it to the shopping cart, click on "Add another item" in the shopping cart. Each item shipping to a different recipient must be placed the cart one at a time (do not increase the quantity when shipping the same gift to different recipients).

Tip: for multiple gifts shipping to different recipients at the same delivery address, please be sure to include the name of each recipient in their individual gift message.

Add another item
Shopping cart Multiple order entry

Select your next gift.

If shipping to a different country, change the country of destination before making your next gift selection.

Country of destination
Country of destination Multiple order entry

On the product page the shop will now ask you to make a selection under the shipping method:

Please select the appropriate option:

  • Same address, same recipient
  • Same address, different recipient
  • Different address

Note: When shipping multiple gifts to the same address, selecting a "same address" option will minimize additional shipping fees.

Different address
Different address Multiple order entry

Example of shopping cart with multiple delivery addresses and multiple recipients.

Multiple delivery addresses & recipients

Complete the delivery and gift message information sequentially for Gift 1, Gift 2, Gift 3, etc.

Please complete the information requested. If you have selected "same address" the site will not allow you to change certain input fields. The final screen will be the billing information.

Multiple gifts
Multiple gifts Multiple order entry

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