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Account Center

What is the Account Center?

The Account Center is a safe tool that enables you to track your order, check delivery status and change your personal contact information. It also shows your past gift messages, orders from the past three months and all invoices from the last year.

How do I use the Account Center?

After your order has been processed, you will receive an e-mail "GiftsForEurope Account Code" with personal login data. Go to your Account Center and log in with the provided username and password. The username and password are automatically generated after your first order. You can change your password in your Account Center.

Lost your Account Password?

I forgot my login details. What do I do?

You can request a new password directly or go to the home page of your Account Center and click on the link "Forgot password?".

We will automatically send an e-mail to the address linked to your account, providing you with a new password. You can change your new password in your Account Center.

If you don't have your Account Number, please contact our Customer Care Team.

What is the account code?

Your personal account code is automatically generated when you place an order on You can find your account code in the order confirmation e-mail we've sent you once your order is processed. The account code is also very helpful when contacting our Customer Care Team.

What does the delivery status mean?

The delivery status tells you about the state of your gift.

  • SHIPPED: Your parcel has been shipped.
  • DELIVERED: Your parcel has been delivered.
  • LABEL NOT PRINTED: The label for your order has not been printed yet. You can still edit your gift message and add your logo.
  • LABEL PRINTED: The label for your order has been printed. Your order will be shipped soon. Changes to the gift message and delivery address cannot be made at this time.
  • ON HOLD: The parcel has not yet been shipped. Please check your e-mail for contact from our Customer Care Team.