Send wine tasting gifts to Belgium to your favorite wine connoisseur. Our wine tasting samplers feature the finest European wines from France, Italy, and Spain. Choose from red wine, white wine, and rosé wine tasting gifts.
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How to choose wine tasting gifts?

Wine tasting gifts are offered in sets with a common thread. For example, wine tasting sets might offer a selection of different wines from the same country, like wines from France, Italy, and Spain. Or wine tasting sets can be created by type of wine, such as a selection of rosé wine, white wine, or red wine. Another option is a set of different wines from the same winery. The best wine tasting gifts have a nice balance of commonality and variety for a truly pleasurable drinking experience.

How to do a wine tasting?

To begin a wine tasting, look at the appearance of the wine in the glass. Swirl the wine in the glass and see what the "legs" look like on the glass and what colors you see. Colors may range from deep, rich garnet to a pale straw hue, depending on the grape varietal, how long the wine has been aged in the barrel and the bottle, and the type of barrels used for aging.

Swirling the wine also releases the aromas. Hold the glass below your nose and gently smell the aromas. You might notice ripe fruits, tropical fruits, vanilla, oak, delicate florals, or tobacco notes, to name a few. The notes of the wine nose are the flavors you can expect to taste.

The final steps in a wine tasting are to take a sip and savor the flavors and the feel on the palate. What do you notice? In addition to the flavors, you can observe acidity, body, length, and the tannins in red wines. The flavors can vary considerably, which is the fun of the wine tasting!

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